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Popit Montessori Makids™

Popit Montessori Makids™

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Our new Popit Montessori Makids™ Educational game allows the whole family to have fun without screens.

Nowadays, our children spend so much time staring at the screen of their phones and TVs that it causes serious damage to their eyesight and makes them addicted to these devices.
The new educational game Makids™ is here to entertain your children by developing their intelligence through the famous and important Montessori Method!

Popit Montessori Makids™ is a fun and educational way for children to learn through interactive games. This innovative console features 4 game modes: Mission Mode, Memory Mode, Score Mode and Multiplayer Mode. These modes allow children to develop skills such as estimation, memory, coordination and logical thinking.

This new game is the perfect way to teach our children to think while having fun!

★ Enjoy quality family time and learning together ★

With the new Popit Montessori Makids™ educational game, you and your children can have hours of fun. It's the perfect way to relieve anxiety and stress. With its unique burst bubble mechanism and dynamic music, this toy provides a satisfying tactile experience and realistic enjoyment with a variety of play modes.

★ How to use Popit Montessori Makids™ ★

Test your reflexes by popping the bubbles as soon as they appear and press the big button on the back to reset them before the time runs out. Pop the bubbles faster and faster to pass to the next level.


Increase the degree of difficulty

★ 100% Safe ★

Safe material: the Makids game

Construction Magnetic Sticks is made of high quality ABS plastic with natural permanent magnets, all parts are larger than 3.5cm. The pieces are big enough not to be swallowed and the round edges make it a 100% safe game for your children to play and learn with complete security.

-Game suitable for 3 to 15 years -



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