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<tc>Makids montessori educational eggs</tc>

<tc>Makids montessori educational eggs</tc>

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Our new educational game Makids™ allows your children to develop their intelligence and have fun without screens

Today, our children spend so much time staring at the screen of their phones and televisions that it causes serious sight damage and turns them into addicted to these devices.
The new educational game Makids™ is here to entertain your children developing their intelligence through the famous and important Montessori Method!

Did you know that 85% of the human brain develops before the age of 3?

Playing with the new Montessori Makids™ educational eggs, your child will not miss even 1% of that development. The shapes and colors make up the world around us, so we have divided them into small pieces so that the little ones can learn.

Combining colors and matching shapes will help your child develop imagination and concentration so that school is a piece of cake.

✅ Helps motor skills, improves memory and reinforces brain capacity
✅ Reduces anxiety, agitation, malaise and restlessness in young children
✅ Keeps your child busy and motivated to learnr for hours
✅ Develops independence, color recognition, the ability to attention and self-discipline


100% SAFE

Safe material: The new Makids™ montessori educational game has smooth edges and materials that comply with international standards.  The pieces are large enough not to be swallowed

Recommended age: 1+


We are very confident in the quality of our products. That's why we offer a 'Money Back Guarantee'. We offer customers the opportunity to return the product within 30 days from the delivery date.

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