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<tc>Montessori Makids Christmas Tree</tc>

<tc>Montessori Makids Christmas Tree</tc>

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Our new Montessori Makids™ Christmas Tree allows the whole family to have screen-free fun

Nowadays, our children spend so much time looking at the screen of their phones and televisions that it causes serious damage to their eyesight and makes them addicted to these devices.
The new Makids™ educational activity is here to entertain your children by developing their intelligence through the famous and important Montessori Method !


✔ Stimulates creativity .

✔ Improves recognition ability , fine motor skills and logical thinking .

Develop independence and imagination .

✔ Keeps your child engaged and motivated.

✔ Reduces anxiety , the discomfort and the concern In the kids.

The Montessori Makids™ Christmas Tree allows your little one to have fun putting together their own Christmas tree. On these long-awaited dates, such as Christmas, our little ones will be able to put up the tree with its lights and its 32 decorations, as they wish. They will let their imagination and creativity fly by combining different shapes, sizes and colors.

Enjoy with family, spending quality time!

Get everyone involved and decorate together as the snow falls and the bells ring. Memories how these last all the time life.

A perfect distraction!

At Christmas time, you can do countless activities but what better than giving your little ones something new like this tree, since our Santa Claus brings educational gifts.

This simple design allows your child to place it wherever they want and organize the ornaments however they want. Stimulating children's creativity was our last New Year's decision.

Christmas is not the time to worry!

Unlike others, our Christmas tree is resistant, compact and easy to store and you will enjoy it year after year . ecological materials, non-toxic, toilets and insurance They will make you enjoy the festivities instead of worrying. Additionally, to care for the product you can use the iron to make it flat. Spot cleaning only.



Size: 100cm and 70cm

Weight: 195g

Material: Durable and 100% safe felt fabric.

Care: You can use the iron to make it flat. Spot cleaning only.

-Game suitable for +12 months -



We are very confident in the quality of our products. That's why we offer a 'Money Back Guarantee'. We offer customers the opportunity to return the product within 30 days from the delivery date.

This Christmas, make your children's greatest wish come true! Get yours now!

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